Fasting week one

I’m finally learning some major lessons in life: patience, self-control, and discipline.

I am borrowing a custom of my Muslim friends and fasting during Ramadan, which means for almost a month I don’t eat between sunrise and sunset, and spend the time reflecting on spiritual things and attempting to do good deeds. I eat a meal before sunrise, and another meal after sunset.

In only a matter of days, the quality of my life and my children’s lives are so much better. I stopped being so self centered, cleared all of the drama out of my life, and as a result, am much easier to be around. My kids stopped complaining that they want to live with their dad, and my son even gave me an award for being a good mom. The award was his deodorant, which I still find funny and cute.

I’ve also completely overcome my battle with food and emotional eating. This is so empowering in and of itself. In the past when I had attempted a fast, it would last for a matter of hours, during which time some amazing things happened spiritually, but most of my thoughts centered on food. Then I would be anxious about what would happen if I continued the fast, such as headaches, dizziness and death, to name a few, but none of these have happened. I don’t even miss food.

I am able to be much more patient with people, and even let them finish their sentences before I formulate a witty response. To be honest, the first couple of days it was because I lacked the energy to interrupt anyone, but now it has become a habit. I am even able to stay calm and centered when the kids start fighting. That has never happened!! On the rare occasions when I begin to get frustrated with my kids, the two year old will tell me, ‘calm your face mommy, calm the face’ then I just start laughing. The insomnia has almost gone away as well.

So, week one has been a success so far. The lessons I’m finally learning may revolve around food (or lack thereof) but they radiate into every area of my life.


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